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Bottomley, John, Department of History, University of North West, South Africa

  • Vol 43 (1998) - Original Research
    Postmodernism - South Africa’s "third force" - subverting the dominant power equations
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  • Vol 42 (1997) - Original Research
    History as artefact and South African historians as jugglers of fictions, purveyors of snake-oil, and other 'suspect narratives'
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  • Vol 41 (1997) - Original Research
    "Garrisoning the moon against an attack from Mars"; the siege of Mafeking and the imperial mindset
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  • Vol 40 (1996) - Commentaries
    Seeking the Zeitgeist: multiculturalism, conformity and conflict - or peaceful coexistence in the 'New South Africa'?
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